Lesson 5 – Per capita

Lesson 5 – Per capita

Let’s try one last example.

This time, use the per capita rate your local or employer sends to CUPE National.

The per capita rate is 0.85 per cent.

The rate converts to a decimal number like this:





Here’s how you do the math using a calculator:




= 0.0085

One last example

Say you receive a monthly salary of $1,200. Here’s how you calculate the per calculation of per capita:

0.0085 x 1200 = $10.20

Try it out – I’ll wait for you.

  • Try the math on the calculator yourself…

Is your answer $10.20? Fabulous!

Feel free to view the lessons again if you need to. We hope this helps you in your work.

Thank you for doing the course!

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