Lesson 3 – Calculating dues

Lesson 3 – Calculating dues

Now it’s time to calculate the amount of union dues to pay.

So if the salary is $1,000, and the rate of union dues is 1.5 per cent (0.015), you must pay $15 in dues.

The calculation is like this: $1,000 × 0.015 = $15.

Let’s try with a new example

Say you receive a $500 holiday bonus. You decide to save 25 per cent of that bonus.

Begin by converting the percentage into decimals without a calculator. Go ahead! I’ll wait for you to try…

How did it go?

Let’s look at how to calculate 25 per cent of your $500 bonus step by step.

First put the percentage into decimals, like this:


25 (Do not forget to remove the % sign)



Now that we have the number in decimals, we can find out how much 25 percent of $500 is.

Let’s try using a calculator:

  • Try it yourself on your calculator.

Spoiler alert: you will deposit $125 into your savings account to meet your goal.

Let’s move on to Lesson 4.